New Highrise Office Tower in Cincinnati

There are now drawings and models of the new Queen City Square available for viewing. Western and Southern has a press release available for viewing and it describes some of the attributes of the structure. The real question is in the wisdom of constructing a new office high rise in a market that has such a high vacancy rates. Even though the QCS project is not due to open until 2011 I hope there will bee a serious need for the space. Downtown is growing with more living space and now hopefully there will be an attraction of new creative class workers to fill both the new offices and new residences. A recent Grubb report on office vacancy rate show the third quarter of 2007 continues a trend of decreasing vacancy rates initiated in the 3rd quarter of 2006. We will keep our eye on the development downtown as the QCS and The Banks come on line adding even more high quality new living and working space to Cincinnati.

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