Price Stability In Cincinnati, Ohio

As investments go homes in the Cincinnati area are certainly the tortoise in the race – slow and steady. Unlike some other areas of the the country Ohio, Hamilton County, and Cincinnati have seen slow and steady growth. To you and me that means that we are not seeing explosive profits in our home sales, but we are also not seeing overly inflated housing prices either. The news is good all around as we are reasonable insulated from the double digit value drops that other parts of the countries are seeing. Ohio home values have fallen by 1.25% compared with Florida home values falling over 10%.

Translation; if you are a home seller you need to make sure you price your home appropriately. We are seeing many homes priced above market value, and they sit on the market for MONTHS! Properly priced properties are moving fast so if you are serious about selling your home call Alison Moss for a listing appointment. And As a buyer we know you want a great house at a great price. Use the tools in the side bar to determine what you want in a home and give us call to help you find the right home for you.

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