Home Inventory In Cincinnati; a 24 Month Review – Time to Upgrade

I was talking to a real estate agent yesterday and we discussed the inventory of homes in the greater Cincinnati area. I was very surprised to hear them terribly concerned about their perception that there are 11 months worth of homes on the market right now. I questioned his concern and did some research on my own at Housing Tracker.

The short story is that there are 64 more homes on the market today than there were one year ago, 1/2% more inventory than in 2006 and 1.8% more inventory than 2005. Now it is true that prices have gone down slightly; for the median home the drop since 2005 is 3.35% and for higher priced homes 4.45% over the same time period. Lower priced homes have dropped 5% since 2005 but also did not experience the price spike and hard correction that the median home and luxury home experienced.

What this translates to is that if you are in a median priced home it is the best time to move to a bigger space if you need to. I know it is against everything that we have been hearing on the news but the reality is that the price of the home you want is closer to selling price of the home you have right now. Math does not lie – the difference between a median and high priced home this week is $90,000. One year ago that difference was $97,000 and in 2005 the difference was $94,302. In real dollars upgrading is ALWAYS a good move in a down market. If your Cincinnati real estate agent is not telling you this they are just plain wrong.

Week Inventory 25th Percentile Median 75th Percentile
11/28/07 11,415 $99,900 $149,900 $239,900
11/28/06 11,351 $104,900 $158,000 $255,000
11/28/05 9,418 $104,900 $154,900 $249,202

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