Cincinnati Schools Rank Well in Newsweek Survey


Cincinnati School Rank in a Recent National Survey This year Newsweek ranked and then published the top 2,000  public high schools in the nation—those that have proven to be the most effective in turning out college-ready grads. We went thought the entire list and looked for local public schools … [Read more...]

Shepard Fairey Mural and Cincinnati Property Values

Recently the artist Shepard Fairey launched an extensive art show in Cincinnati and as part of the exhibition he created murals on the sides of some buildings in and around Cincinnati. One of the murals was recently painted over because the property owner was upset by the images contained in the … [Read more...]

I Missed the $8,000 Housing Tax Credit so Should I Still Buy a Home?

In recent days I have had a few phone calls from first time home buyers asking me if they should still buy a house even though they missed the $8,000 tax credit. In some cases they could not find the right house, or they did not hear that the credit was extended. Regardless of the reason they missed … [Read more...]

Appealing Your Property Taxes with a Cincinnati Realtor


As we approach the end of the year the various cities and counties in Cincinnati will begin to calculate the property taxes that we all owe. Some areas of Cincinnati are currently in a tax abatement zone (they pay less or no property tax at all), but the rest of us will owe our 2009 property taxes … [Read more...]

Federal Government Exerts Pressure on Lenders to Modify Mortgages

The Federal Government is looking to increase pressure on many mortgage lenders and banks to follow through with the loan modification that began under the 'Making Homes Affordable Program'. In the program borrowers renegotiate their monthly payments to a lower level for a trial period. If they can … [Read more...]

Cincinnati School Levy A Realtor’s Perspective

Cincinnati Are School Levys

In the recent edition of Cincinnati Magazine the main focus is a review of various school systems. One of the sidebar commentaries suggests that parents consider the community's support of the school system; and that funding levies are a good indicator of support. In the elections last week a … [Read more...]