Ten Things Sellers Need To Do Before an Inspection

One of the most important things I do when I work with home sellers is help them understand and prepare for the entire selling process. Home inspections can be challenging so that is why I help my sellers prepare their homes for inspection. Here are ten things to do just before a home … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Home Construction and Weep Holes

Cincinnati homes weep holes

As a Cincinnati real estate agent I get to see homes constructed across many decades and one thing I have learned from my experience with home inspections is look for the weep holes.  Weep holes are small holes in masonry walls most often found just above the foundation walls. They may be small but … [Read more...]

Roof Inspections and Cincinnati Real Estate


When I get a house undercontract with either a buyer or a seller I expect to have a whole home inspection done by a certified inspector. Part of the job of the inspector is alert the home owners of needed repairs. In some cases the home inspector recommends that a certified contractor come to the … [Read more...]

Home Inspections – A Must for Buyers and Sellers

In the real estate transaction process it is commonplace to see a home buyer inspecting a home. It makes sense to see the issues that will need repair up front for piece of mind and bargaining. However it is not uncommon for agents to be recommending, or even paying for pre-listing inspections. If … [Read more...]