Cincinnati Real Estate Property Taxes

It is that time of year when Cincinnati real estate property tax bill hit the mail. If you pay your own taxes watch for the Hamilton County real estate tax bill for the 2nd half of 2012.  If your mortgage servicing company escrows (holds) your tax payment now is the time to make sure they are paying … [Read more...]

Hamilton County Property Tax Disputes- Direct link to form you need

For those of you who have emailed and called me requesting how to find the property tax dispute form here is the link. If you have questions about how to fill it out please feel free to email or call me with questions as I have successfully prepared testimony for clients and friends in the past. If … [Read more...]

2013 Cincinnati area Property Taxes are Due

Cincinnati real estate and property taxes

As the new year begins most of us will see a property tax bill come our way. In Hamilton County the tax bills will be mailed on 1/7/2013 and are due on 1/31/2013. If you escrow your property tax with your mortgage, you should get a notice that the bank has paid your taxes.  Remember that this month … [Read more...]

Fiscal Cliff and its Impact on Residential Cincinnati Real Estate

United States Tax Code

Many of us are hearing in the news about the looming fiscal cliff negotiations. How will this impact the Cincinnati Real Estate Market? The Impact of the Fiscal Cliff on Residential Real Estate in Cincinnati According to an article from the outcome of the fiscal cliff negotiations … [Read more...]

KPMG Ranks Cincinnati Best US City For Business Tax Costs

Global City Corproate Tax Costs

KPMG released a 2012 Special Report that ranked Cincinnati as the top US city for lowest business Tax Costs. Globally Cincinnati ranked 16, ahead of other US Cities including Atlanta, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh. Having a lower overall tax cost contributes to Cincinnati being an attractive place … [Read more...]

Property Taxes are due in Greater Cincinnati

Property Taxes are due in the next few weeks in the greater Cincinnati area. Most of us have our mortgage servicer escrow (collect and hold) the correct amount of money each month and then pay the property tax bill when it is due. Right now is a great time to check in with your mortgage servicer and … [Read more...]

Mortgage Insurance Tax Deduction Coming to an End

For a number of years, homeowners who were paying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) could take the amount they paid in PMI as a Tax Deduction on Federal Income Taxes.  Established in 2007, the PMI deduction was intended to be a temporary measure to help stimulate the housing market. The PMI deduction … [Read more...]

How the Federal Goverment Shutdown will impact Real Estate

photo of the US capitol building

How will the Federal Government Shutdown impact real estate sales? With hours left until the possible Federal Government shutdown my clients are asking me how this could impact their ability to buy, or sell their house.  Since the Federal Government provides numerous services affiliated with the … [Read more...]

Ten Often Overlooked Tax Deductions

If you have not finished your taxes yet, here are a few often overlooked deductions you can take advantage of. Ten Cincinnati Real Estate Tax Deductions Real Estate Deductions: Depending on the square footage of your Cincinnati Real Estate, you can deduct some of  your mortgage if you have a … [Read more...]