Cincinnati Schools Rank Well in Newsweek Survey


Cincinnati School Rank in a Recent National Survey This year Newsweek ranked and then published the top 2,000  public high schools in the nation—those that have proven to be the most effective in turning out college-ready grads. We went thought the entire list and looked for local public schools … [Read more...]

2013 Cincinnati area Property Taxes are Due

Cincinnati real estate and property taxes

As the new year begins most of us will see a property tax bill come our way. In Hamilton County the tax bills will be mailed on 1/7/2013 and are due on 1/31/2013. If you escrow your property tax with your mortgage, you should get a notice that the bank has paid your taxes.  Remember that this month … [Read more...]

2011 October Home Sales Surge 25%

Home sales surged 25% in October 2011 compared to October 2010 according to the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors. Cincinnati followed the national trend which saw a 13.5% increase in October 2011 sales vs. October 2010.  While the sales numbers (1,382 vs. 1,035) were up the price point was down 4.5 … [Read more...]

You Can Insure Your Home’s Value

The Home Value Insurance Co. has re-entered the insurance market with a product that promises to protect homeowners from falling home values. Faced with a declining and turbulent housing market this insurance product provides homeowners a level of protection against taking a loss if they sell their … [Read more...]

Banks are now Demolishing Foreclosures

In an effort to reduce costs and some banks are now demolishing foreclosures. In certain cities around the country banks are donating homes to municipalities that condemn and demolish decaying houses. Improving the Housing Stock by Reducing Inventory The theory is that if you can demolish the … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Home Value and Replacement Values for Insurance

USAA Home Owners Insurance costs

Cincinnati home values and replacement values have fluctuated over the last few years, and knowing the difference is very important for your home owner's insurance policy. The two values are based on different things. Your market value is the price someone will pay for your home, and your … [Read more...]

Cincinnati has Affordable Real Estate and Low Cost of Living

Cincinnati has affordable real estate and a low cost of living according to a report from the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors. The report in question focuses on the Overall Home Affordability Index which calculates the median cost of a mortgage on a median priced house and considers the ability of … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Eminent Domain and Historic Properties

James Gamble House

In Cincinnati a potential eminent domain case has the city government, local historic preservation society, and an education non profit in the midst of a heated discussion regarding the future of the James Gamble mansion in the Westwood neighborhood. The issue at hand is that the Green Acres … [Read more...]

Real Estate Home Prices Hold Steady

Case Shiller July

Real estate prices are holding steady, for now, according to a Case-Schiller index. The report says that home prices rose .6 points between June and July and that year over year the price index shows a 3.2 point increase. The challenge is that new housing starts are down, and foreclosures are up, … [Read more...]