Average Rents are Higher than Average Mortgages

rent rates vs mortgage rates

For the first time in a long time the average rent rate is considerably higher than the average mortgage.  According to JP Morgan this is part of the fall out from the Housing Bubble and Great Recession. Why Rents are Higher than Mortgages After the housing bubble crashed numerous people were … [Read more...]

New REITs are Betting on Local Real Estate Markets

for rent REITs

In a sign of the times, large Real Estate Investment Trusts are forming specifically to invest in local real estate. This time they are not buying up exotic mortgages like they did in the early 200's, but instead they are buying up actual houses.  Local investors may soon find them selves biding … [Read more...]

Renting, Retirement, The Next Mortgage Crisis

Trulia's rent vs buy chart from q1 2011

The next major mortgage crisis may be caused by renters as they prepare to enter retirement. Liz Davidson of Forbes says "that today, there’s another mortgage crisis in the works—that is, NOT having one—choosing to rent when you can afford to buy; choosing to forgo building equity in a home as a … [Read more...]

Luxe Home Swapping

A recent trend in the luxury home market has been swapping homes for brief, or extended vacations. Luxe Home Swap allows individuals to swap homes so that they can have unique experiences, vacations, or even, a retreat far away from their own home. Luxe Home Swap is a  way to holiday in style and … [Read more...]

Which is a better investment Stocks or Real Estate

If you had invested $100,000 in the stock market in the 1st quarter of 2000 (10 years ago), what would your investment be valued at today?  Of course the answer would depend on what the specific stock or stocks you bought, but consider this: The Dow went from 10,921 on January 3, 2000 to 10,583 … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger Marc Rasmussen

Marc Rasmussen

We are pleased to welcome our first guest blogger Marc Rasmussen, a Realtor with  Michael Saunders and Company in Sarasota, Florida. As the weather cools here in Cincinnati we often think of where we may spend our  next winter. We are so happy that Marc is with us to talk about luxury real estate in … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Foreclosures and the National Foreclosure Market

Recently I have been working with a number of clients who have expressed interest in purchasing a foreclosed property simply because of the savings, compared to the market value of the home.  Foreclosures are still abundant in Cincinnati and as the jobless recovery continues, sadly, more … [Read more...]