$15,000 NeighborhoodLIFT Grants for Cincinnati Home Buyers

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

As part of the resolution of the banking crisis Wells Fargo is now responsible to offer $15,000 grants to home buyers in Cincinnati. The program is called Wells Fargo NeighborhoodLIFT (Lets Invest For Tomorrow) and it is focused on  middle income families. How Do I Get A $15,000 Grant for a … [Read more...]

Why should I get prequalified before I make an offer on a house?

Why should I get prequalified before I make an offer on a house? Recently a buyer asked me “Why should I get prequalified before I buy a house?” They were under the impression that you get prequalified once you have an offer and are ready to take out a loan. I was happy to explain to them why I ask … [Read more...]

Government Shutdown 2013 impacts Mortgages Interest Rates and Real Estate

Government Shutdown 2013 impacts Mortgages Interest Rates, and Real Estate The Federal Government Shutdown that began last night is going to have a  negative impact on the real estate industry in a few key ways. In general this does not bode well for buyer or sellers. Specifically expect to see … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates and their impact on the Cincinnati Real Estate Market

Mortgage Rates and their impact on the Cincinnati Real Estate Market In recent weeks mortgage rates have reversed their downward trend and are beginning to move higher.  As the economy strengthens the Federal Reserve is looking to reduce the amount of stimulus they are adding to keep the economy … [Read more...]

Nationally Home Sales and House Construction Increase in August

New house construction and home sales rose in August both year-over-year and compared to the previous month. According to the statistics sales of existing homes rose 7.8 percent in August from July and were 9.3 percent above the pace of August 2011. And all of these gains accompany an overall … [Read more...]

QE3 and the impact on Cincinnati Real Estate

houses and money

Yesterday the FED announced QE3, a program to impact the economy by lowering long term interest rates through bond buying. Nationally the real estate market is strengthening and could help lead to economic growth, hopefully spurred on by QE3. So we wanted to look at how QE3 will impact the … [Read more...]

The Presidential Election and The Local Real Estate Market

The White House

There are dozens of economists dissecting the presidential election and looking at the impact on the real estate market. So I wanted to highlight just a few of the differences, and a few similarities between the candidates. Improving the Local Housing Market Both candidates are dedicating … [Read more...]

Home Prices Rise Nationwide and Late Mortgage Paymnents Decline

There were two pieces of very encouraging news this week; home prices nation wide are on the rise, and there were fewer late mortgage payments being made. Prices rose by 2.5% in June from a year ago, and by 6% from the previous quarter according to the Wall Street Journal article. The quarterly jump … [Read more...]

Seller Financing and Land Contracts in Cincinnati Real Estate

Not all real estate transactions require a buyer to take a loan out from a bank. In Seller Financing and Land Contract situations the home owner actually loans the buyer the money to purchase their home and acts as the lender - taking on many of the risks and benefits. Seller financing can be … [Read more...]

Mortgage Insurance Tax Deduction Coming to an End

For a number of years, homeowners who were paying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) could take the amount they paid in PMI as a Tax Deduction on Federal Income Taxes.  Established in 2007, the PMI deduction was intended to be a temporary measure to help stimulate the housing market. The PMI deduction … [Read more...]