A New View Of Cincinnati

Justin Leibow Spends 4 days in Cincinnati

I came across a very cool post from a film director who was in town shooting a commercial in Cincinnati. As someone who had never been to the Queen City he had no idea what to expect and came in with open eyes. His pictures are amazing showing some aspects of our city that sometimes get … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Water Quality

Greater Cincinnati Water Works

With the recent spill up river in West Virginia, it is important for Cincinnati residents to have confidence in their water quality.  The Greater Cincinnati Water Works will stop taking water from the Ohio river while the chemical spill passes.  They will rely on their groundwater supply that comes … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Real Estate sales improve in September

Cincinnati area real estate salesAC

Cincinnati Real Estate sale improve in September The Cincinnati Real estate market continued to improve in September.  According to a recent article published by the CABR. The month built on 27 continuous months of positive growth in the local housing market. In September, home sales in the area … [Read more...]

How The Wasson Way Project will impact Hyde Park real estate

The Wasson Way project is a citizen driven effort to transform miles of unused railroad tracks into public walking and bike paths. The Wasson Way would go 6.5 miles (3.5 miles inside Cincinnati and 3.0 miles outside City limits) from Xavier University, through the neighborhoods of Norwood, Evanston, … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Snowbird Rules


Before I was in real estate I used to travel to Cincinnati when I worked in the textile industry. The city was beautiful and the people were awesome. However, I enjoyed visiting in the summer as winters were miserable. The highlight was 5 Way Skyline Chili to keep you nice and warm. It was much more … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Ranked Fifth Most Affordable City to Relocate to

Cincinnati is the fifth most affordable city in the country according to a recent Yahoo! report and a Forbes report making it highly attractive for relocation.  Most affordable doe not mean cheap, so the report sought to handicap each of the cities with broad economic factors such as housing prices, … [Read more...]

Cincinnati to Become the Home to American Sign Language Research

The Cincinnati  based American Sign Museum is actively making a push to further develop research and understating of American Sign language. The plan calls for moving the museum into a new larger space in January 2012. Tod Swormstedt is the museum director and founder and thinks that with the city's … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Developers Default on Subdivisions and Strand Homeowners

Over the past two years numerous Cincinnati developers defaulted on subdivisions and stranded homeowners with 1/2 finished communities. The primary cause is the slowed pace of new construction growth and the tightening of credit. Cincinnati.com highlights a common practice that allows land … [Read more...]

Boundary Disputes in Oakley and Hyde Park

hyde park sign

500 residents in East Hyde Park are being told that, according to the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati, they live in Oakley. That's because the Hamilton County Auditor map lists the 500 homes in  Hyde Park, but the Multiple Listing Service (or MLS), what Realtors use,  puts the homes … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Facts

Every now and then a client presents we with an interesting fact about Cincinnati. As a native of Cincinnati I am always intrigued  by the city's history. When I cam across this list complied b Cinicnnati USA I wanted to post it and share it here on the blog. The list includes famous citizens,  … [Read more...]