Buying Process 101

Buying a home is a reasonably complicated process that tends to follow a general series of events. I take the time to consult my clients about each step of this process and let them know what to expect, the reason behind each step, and how it is impacting the sale.  Below is a very general road-map of the buying process, and how I work with my clients throughout it.

1. House Hunting – When I first meet with clients I listen intently to what their needs and wants are, and create a customized automated search that sends them information on homes that meet their criteria. When they see  home of interest I research the property and coordinate the showing.

2. Making an Offer – Before I submit an offer on behalf of a client, I work with them analyzing the comparable properties for sale, recent sales statistics, and other critical factors to determine the best offer. In most cases a buyer also includes earnest money with their offer to emphasize that our intentions to negotiate a fair price for the home are sincere and earnest.

3. Negotiations – In the case that the home buyer is not satisfied with our initial offer price, they will initiate a negotiation where their real estate agent will dialogue and exchange written offers and counteroffers until both parties agree on initial price and terms.

4. Inspections – Once both parties agree to a price I insist that my buyers hire a home inspector, and conduct a full home inspection. Our offer was for a home in good working order and an inspection will determine if the house needs repairs. I provide licensed, experienced, and insured home inspector recommendations to my clients. I provide recommendations to licensed and experienced home inspectors.

5. Settlements – Often times there are small repairs that need to be made to the home to fix a cracked window, a loose gutter, a leaky faucet. Other times there are major repairs to bring the home up to good clean working order. In the settlement period I work with contractors to asses the cost of repairs, and negotiate those repairs with the home seller’s real estate agent on behalf od my client. When all parties are satisfied with settlement and repairs we go to closing.

6. Mortgages –  I provide a number of mortgage broker and mortgage banker referrals so that you have a choice of honest reputable loan officers to interview.

7. Closing – Your loan officer will walk you through your lending documents and answer any questions you may have. I coordinate and schedule the closing with the loan officers, the selling agent, title insurance company, and the closing attorney. It is at the closing that we sign all of the papers, transfer the title to the property and welcome you to your new home.

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